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Here it is  


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Our trick to getting free diamonds in mobile legends is what we call simpler: a generator.
To access it, thank you to watch this video example to know the procedure to follow in order to pay nothing at all. Then click the button underneath the video to access the builder.


How does it work? It remains secret if not almost everyone could do it. But be aware that our coder has found a flaw on the Mobile Legends account management servers. He then developed an online generator that you can use at will  with the mobile legends hack.
With this cheat trick, you can “inject” Diamonds into your Mobile Legends account.

Important Note: We will NEVER ask you for your password, and we recommend that you never give it to anyone. Our generator is totally secure. However, note that even if it is available in unlimited, we recommend that you generate your diamonds without abusing them . Do not generate 3 times 5,000 diamonds in 10 minutes … Make 5,000 diamonds every other day. Certainly it is longer, but it will be completely invisible with our mobile legends cheats.

Why provide this for free? If you ask yourself that question, you do not know us yet. Think of reading the “Who we are” we give all the answers. But just know that we are against the Pay To Win policy of mobile games, and Mobile Legends is the perfect example of Pay To Win! but we have got with mobile legends hack. 🙂


The Diamonds make it possible to get quite a lot of tricks in the game:

  • To offer yourself the heroes you want to play.                                                        mobile legends hack
  • Buy Name Changes, PB or Exp Double Cards, Horns …

In short, you will understand, if you want to play the new characters or person ‘OP and you have no battle points, you will have to spend diamonds. And that is why it is necessary to have many.


This game is simply a LoL-Like, ie a MOBA, but on Smartphone & Tablet.

Absolutely ALL looks like League of Legends. The scenery, the graphics, the gameplay, the characters, their spells, the items … in short, it’s quite crazy to see that a copy like this can make so much enthusiasm for the game that has millions of downloads just On the Google Play Store.

If you do not know LoL, here is a short summary of this type of game .

You play as a hero who must advance on the map to reach and destroy the opposing nexus. The Nexus was a bit the heart of the opposing base. For that, you will have to advance against your opponent who will try to do the same. To accompany you, there will be henchmen , little characters who fight by your side. Kill those of your opponent to earn money in order to purchase equipment during the game.

This equipment is necessary to get an advantage against your opponent. The better you are equipped, the more you hurt or have survival.

The game being a 5v5, you will have to choose a “line” to protect and “push” (ie advance by destroying what belongs to opponents). Even if you do not have to stay h24 on this lane, you will be mainly responsible, so be careful not to lose it, otherwise your teammates might not be very happy.

By winning the battle, you will gain points of battle, and thanks to these points, you will be able to buy new heroes to play in the game.

The positive points :

  • Gameplay nice and easy to handle.
  • The skill is important but the game viewing is equally important.
  • Not too trpo of rageux at first sight, unlike LoL.

The negative points :

  • Diamonds (but fortunately our generator is there).
  • We are mixed with players from all over the world … which poses a big ping problem . And to say that ping in a MOBA is very important.

At first sight in any case the game already has an enormous community. I can not wait to see how it will evolve. Feel free to review. A +

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